Oilfield Maintenance

Oilfield Maintenance
Venture Engineering Services & Oilfield Maintenance is a fast growing service provider in the United Arab Emirates for the oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical and water treatment industry.

The United Arab Emirates is renowned for its oil reserves, a fact that no business consultancy can be remiss about. At Venture, we have smart, modernized, and highly effective techniques and program stages for oil field maintenance. Knowing every technical facet related to the industry, our experts are more than capable of understanding the daily requirements and demands oil fields bring.

It can be quite the pressure and hassle to run and maintain an oil field. Simply owning one does not translate into profits; it takes time and consistent effort via specialized skill sets and application to make excellent use of an oil field. Venture has professionals who can make this happen for you.

Our plethora of oil field maintenance services include: hydro testing, roustabouts, mechanical maintenance of all types and categories, bush hogging, lease and facility operator hiring and organizing, painting, hot shot services, steam cleaning, and cathodic protection services.
We set things up in such a way that all the required tasks are initiated and concluded on a timely basis.

We make allowances for emergencies when personnel may not be able to make it based on circumstance. We make sure we have backups that help get maintenance jobs done with no delay or problems landing on your shoulders.

Ventures responsibility, training, skill, and efficiency with handling all factors pertaining to oil field maintenance has put a smile on the faces of several of our clients.